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10 Boundaries to Set with the Opposite Gender in Friendship

Any kind of physical exercise should be avoided in male-female friendships. The cardinal rule of any male-female friendship is to avoid physical contact.

Don’t get physical with your guy friends

If you meet a guy and you're not sure of his intentions but he's getting a little too close, let him know up front that you're simply looking to be friends.

Make it clear that you’re just friends

I recommend avoiding any one-on-one interactions to avoid any confusion or to ensure that things do not pass a line.

Avoid date-like or romantic settings

When you develop the habit of texting  each other late at night, it might foster intimacy and a reliance on each other when you are lonely.

Limit talking or texting late at night

It's healthy to have friends with whom you discuss intimate secrets, but it's recommended not to disclose these details with your male friends or someone of the opposite sex.

Refrain from sharing intimate or personal details

If you're dating or married, it's critical to include your significant other in your friendship with someone of the opposite sex.

If you’re dating someone, involve them

While I believe that guys and ladies can be just friends with the right male female relationship limits in place, I do not believe that they should be best friends.

Your guy friend should not be your best friend

It's ideal to have an accountability partner to assist keep you in check if you still want to be friends with boys or members of the opposite sex.

Have an accountability person to keep you in check

If you feel your boundaries have been broken or you need more space in your friendship, each of you should feel safe speaking out.

Have communication during the male female friendship

While God made you to be attractive, there is a distinction between worshipping God with your beauty and flaunting your beauty or body in order to attract the attention of a guy.

Be mindful of how you dress around your guy friend