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10 Characteristics of a Gifted Child

They often have the capacity to maintain their love for a subject of interest for extended periods of time.  Their actions can occasionally even appear compulsive and obsessive.

High level of intensity

They tend to have an insatiable curiosity and appetite for learning.  They’re fascinated with books and ask many questions, often more than a parent can answer.

Enjoys learning; rapid learner

Children that are gifted frequently exhibit a sense of justice and fairness that stems from concern for others.

Depth of perception

They have a high sense of observation, noting subtle differences in voice inflection, body language, and other nuances that most people miss.

Keen sense of observation

Gifted kids may or may not speak early, but when they do, they can have intelligent, enlightening conversations.

Sophisticated language

More than the average child, gifted children recognize earlier on more options for behavior, even those they weren’t offered.

Ability to recognize more options

Children that are gifted often learn by inquiry and dislike being reminded of what they already know.  These kids don't dislike rote learning; rather, they dislike it after they've already achieved something.

Dislikes repeating

Gifted children have the ability to understand what is perfect in a situation, which can lead to frustration for them if they believe they can’t achieve that standard.


When it comes to pursuing their passions, gifted children stick to it. They demonstrate a sustained passion to figure something out and to learn all they can in their area of interest.


Children who are gifted tend to be more sensitive to others' emotions than the average child.  They have a moral awareness about them and can be very empathetic.

Higher level of sensitivity