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10 Duties Towards Our Parents When They Get Older

Every single person on this earth, from the very young to the very old, deserves to be treated with dignity.

Treat them with respect

If you don’t believe me, the next time you go shopping or to a restaurant, pay attention to how clerks and servers talk to toddlers.

Don’t treat them like children

Throughout your adolescence, parents listened to you moan (and whine) about everything from unfair instructors to arbitrary curfews.

Listen to them

For every time you miss their birthday or call late on Mother's Day and they smile and say, "It's okay, honey," they're silently crying inside.

Make time for them

If your parents are unable (or unwilling due to the generation they grew up in) to advocate for their own rights, do so on their behalf. 

Advocate for them

When it comes to our responsibilities to our parents as they age, this is a true win-win situation.  Your parents will cherish the time they spend with you.

Learn from them

We have this idea that the elderly are like old dogs that are incapable of learning new "tricks."

Teach them

While we are not legally required to shelter our parents as they age, we do have a moral commitment to ensure they are not homeless.

Make sure they have a place to call home

One of the most difficult responsibilities we have to our parents as they grow older is to honour their desires and let them go when they want us to. 

Learning and respecting their wishes

Last but not least, you owe it to your parents to fulfil all of the aforementioned responsibilities.

Don’t hold it over their heads when we help them