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10 Effective Ways to Get Close to Your Sister

You must also understand her temperament in order to know how to adjust.  Accept and value each other's differences wholeheartedly.

Know her personality

Create a bond with her that would make her your best friend.  This desire should begin with you.

Treat her as your friend

Despite this, your relationship with her and your treatment of her should not change.  Keeping in touch is a great way to show her how much you value her.

Always keep in touch

The difficult times you have with her are an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and eventually draw you closer.

Be there for her in trying times

Even though you are blood relatives and belong to the same family, you should exercise caution when expressing candid opinions.  To summarise, avoid overfamiliarity.

Be polite and gentle

We sometimes overlook their admirable characteristics and behaviours.  Because you see your sister's strengths and weaknesses every day, focusing on her flaws is usually easier.

Give her compliments

To show your sister respect, treat her the way you want to be treated in return.  Recognize your limitations and give her space when she requires it.

Give her the respect she deserves

Try doing physical exercise, cooking, hiking, a movie marathon, travelling to other places, participating in a sport or game, and so on.

Play and have fun together

Remember that you are not supposed to compete with her.  As a caring sister, you should rejoice with her in her victories and weep with her in her losses.

Avoid competition

Aside from that, your simple affectionate gestures can already mean a lot.  It's because your touch and hugs are more powerful than your words.

Show your affection