Best Guard Dog Breeds for Family Protection

Akita Akitas represent happiness and long life in Japan where the breed was developed in the 17th century, and are known for being courageous and loyal to their owners. 

Appenzeller Sennenhund Appenzeller Sennehunds are quick and agile, bred to work on farms and drive cattle. They're intelligent and quick to learn, making them easy to train, and also very active

Australian Shepherd Popular with ranchers thanks to excellent herding instincts, Australian Shepherds also make great guard dogs as they're clever, obedient, and protective of their families.

Belgian Laekenoi The Belgian Laekenois was just recognized by the AKC in 2020, and it is an excellent addition to this list. It is set apart from the other Belgian breeds (like the Malanois) by its rough coat


Boxer Keen, alert, and fearless, boxers are natural guard dogs. Their patient, protective, and playful nature—and the fact that boxers crave lots of time with their humans—makes them a good fit for families with kids.

Briard A heart wrapped in fur" briards are a well-suited to kids thanks to a loyal, lovable nature. They also love to be active, making them perfect for owners who like four-legged companion

Bullmastiff A mix of mastiff and bulldog, bullmastiffs were originally bred to ward off poachers on estates in England. They're devoted family dogs and natural protectors.

Cane Corso With a history that dates back to the Roman Empire and a name that translates from Latin as "bodyguard dog," the Cane Corso is a noble, intelligent

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