Most Popular Dog Breed for Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: American Bulldog Could this be a case of opposites attract? The most popular breed for the outgoing and energetic Aries is the decidedly chill American Bulldog.

Taurus: Chihuahua The patient, kind, and determined Taurus is the perfect match for the high-energy chihuahua.

Gemini: American Pit Bull Terrier and German Shepherd It should come as no surprise that the twin sign has two most popular breeds!

Cancer: Shih Tzu The nurturing and compassionate Cancer will find their new best friend in a loving and affectionate Shih Tzu.


Virgo: Golden Retriever Loyal and kind, a Virgo will find their new best friend in an eager-to-please golden retriever.

Libra: Husky Smart, playful, and friendly can describe the Libra sign and their most popular breed, the husky.

Scorpio: American Bulldog A Scorpio just might butt heads with their most popular breed.

Sagittarius: German Shepherd The friendly and self-assured Sagittarius has just what it takes to adopt an intelligent and obedient German shepherd.

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