World's fastest dog breed

Rat terrier - Top speed: 27 mph Originally bred as hunting companions and for pest control, rat terriers are considered a rare breed. They are sociable, intelligent, easy to train, and especially compatible

Siberian husky - Top speed: 28 mph The Siberian husky historically endured harsh conditions that conditioned the breed to become an iconic choice for sled dogs. Despite their tough build, Siberian huskies are considered exceptionally friendly

Giant schnauzer - Top speed: 28 mph Giant schnauzers are gentle creatures with a timid nature, though they are known to become defensive when presented with new people or situation

Anatolian shepherd - Top speed: 28 mph The Anatolian shepherd is an old breed, dating as far back as 6,000 years ago, where they endured intense temperatures and displayed feats of speed


Boxer - Top speed: 30 mph Boxers are a kind and loving breed that display the utmost loyalty to their owner, and are patient and protective of children, making them an ideal family dog. 

Belgian Malinoi - Top speed: 30 mph Belgian Malinois are considered to be one of the most energetic dog breeds, which also means they demand plenty of attention and exercise. 

Great Dane - Top speed: 30 mph Ancestry of the Great Dane is widely thought to have originated from a dog breed present in ancient Greece; as depicted in Greek art, Great Dane look-alikes appear hunting wild boar. 

Poodle - Top speed: 33 mph Poodles are known for their beauty and brains. Most commonly used as show dogs, poodles are highly intelligent and exhibit great agility and obedience.

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